We bring innovation to market

A new product or service itself doesn't guarantee business success. To transform it into a succesfull business, the idea needs to be transformed into a complete business concept that is of value for the customer you are aiming at.

And that's exactly what we do. We know how to transform products, services or ideas into business concepts and bring them to market.

Our concepts

Ninthway High Secure Radio Network

One private area network for all professional building installations (fire alarm, nurse call, evacuation...)


The Care Watch / Het Zorghorloge

A multifunctional alarm button for the independent senior

 hetzorghorloge.nl  |  thecarewatch.com


The Care Watch pro / Het Zorghorloge pro

Wireless nurse call and patient monitoring system based on the Care Watch

 hetzorghorloge.nl  | thecarewatch.com

Contact Buddy

For all situations where people would 

like to get in contact, but don't know each other...